We do individual, pair and family group work. I apply my own approach, which I have developed over the last 10 years and combines various influences, even though it is based mainly on Systemic Therapy and Gestalt.

My interventions are very practical and always aimed at achieving results, which usually happens within quite short periods of time, usually even from the very first few sessions.

The most common issues I deal with are:

  • Changing our relationship patterns with ourselves and others
  • Low self-esteem, unhappiness patterns, rediscovering the meaning of life, developing personal resources in the pursue of happiness.
  • Marital trouble and one´s own difficulty to find a partner in life. Break-ups, reconstituted families, single-parent adoptions.
  • Accompaniment and relationship in the context of all kinds of diseases.
  • Loss, bereavement and grief.
  • Learning and concentration difficulties.
  • Misbehaviour in children and teenagers.
  • Addictions, eating disorders, abuse, mistreatment, troubled, disruptive, destructive or extreme behaviour.
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, obsessive disorders, mania, phobias, etc.
  • Sexuality, pleasure and our relationship with our own bodies.
  • Labor, vocational and financial matters.
  • Intercultural conflicts.

A first complimentary orientation session may be requested in which to lay out the problem to be solved, seek advice on the best approach to tackle it and estimate the approximate duration of the process. 

Provision of non-health professional services of the mentioned therapeutic techniques.