On Verónica Menduiña

First, I obtained a Licentiate Degree in Journalism and then one in Marketing and Advertising, although I soon realized that what really nourished me and could give meaning to my life was  the work with systemic family processes that I do at present.

I work both individually and with groups. I also intervene within organizations, with their work teams, owners and board of directors.

My training started in 1997. Two years later, a significant change occurred which transformed my life. Upon my return from working and studying in Minnesota (USA), the University of United Nations in Tokyo offered me the opportunity of partake in an international leadership and intercultural conflict resolution programme.

It was quite a transforming experience for me, both by the depth of content material we covered as well as by the intensity implied in living together with people of multiple cultures, which included working with natives of the Salomon Islands, Pule´anga Fakatu´i or the Kingdom of Tonga. This unusual, unique experience broadened my inner records and my conscience, enhanced my personal skills and changed my self-image as well as my perception of the importance of relationships and personal leaderships in human development.

I have trained myself in Gestalt, at the Gestalt Institute in Barcelona, in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger and Joan Garriga, in Constellations within Organizations with Gunthard Weber and Jan Jacob Stan, in Systemic Pedagogy, Integrative Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming, etc., and I have worked in Systemic Approach for over 10 years now. I am a member of a team of trainers at the Gestalt Institute, tutoring in Barcelona and Madrid, among many other cities in Spain.

Lately, I have also trained myself at the University of Harvard (USA), as well as in the United Kingdom and Germany, which has allowed me to work towards the transformation and development of social and business leaders, supporting them so that they will become more efficient personally and professionally, participating in the cultural transformation of their organizations, and aiding in the resolution of organizational conflicts and the development of high-performance teams.

I have established my residence in both Madrid and Barcelona, and I work both in Spanish and English, in and outside Spain.