Systemic Coaching

coaching sistemico

The organizations are dynamic and complex systems in which every single one of their members has an impact. Sometimes, different companies, policies, price, environment, occupational risk prevention, salaries, promotions and dismissals generate consequences and invisible dynamics that challenge achieving the company’s goals and the motivation of its members.

This methodology allows to deepen fast in complex situations in order to understand the consequences of previous actions, access to the positive and toxic invisible dynamics of the corporation and also offer a different diagnose and agile and affective solutions related to organizational emotional intelligence.

Once the aspects taking part in the accomplishment of optimal results are checked, the Systemic Coaching permits generating specific action plans at both individual and team level.

These aspects are:

  • Loyalties and non-explicit bonds inside the organization. Power and influence relationships.
  • Sympathies and Synchronies.
  • The influence of the organization origin, its social context, history…
  • The brand and products strength.
  • Invisible dynamics that might create prospective stagnation, difficulties or conflict.
  • The stakeholders position: clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers…

Some of the main objectives and benefits for managers, employees and owners are:

  • Solving conflicts, reducing toxic conducts or conducts cutting down effectiveness.
  • Improving the process of making strategic decisions towards relevant situations (new recruitments, disassociations, fusions, diversifications, dismissals, social and environmental responsibility…) broadening the vision angle and perspectives and adding relevant information.
  • Developing high-performance teams.
  • Better balancing between personal and professional life.
  • Unveiling implicit synergies that intervene in the organization performance.

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