Saturday, December 16th from 10 to 14 and 16 to 18. ELCHE, Alicante

Constellations as a therapeutic intervention to attend to and ease the difficulties that arise with the forms of family and the decisions taken as regards motherhood, fatherhood. Aspects such as:

• the decision-making processes involved in being a mother or father at different stages in life
• couples with children from earlier relationships, “your children, my children and… one of ours?”
• single motherhood (or motherhood outside an established couple)
• the impact of assisted reproduction treatments
• how far should one go with fertility treatments: insemination, in vitro, egg donation?, how far does my systemic permission reach?
• personal and family beliefs on assisted reproduction
• changes in a woman´s body and their impact on the system
• science and the distance it sometimes takes from the emotional complexities

The workshop will cover the foundations that underpin the systemic work and all participants will be involved in a profound and enriching experience, regardless of whether this is their first contact with the method, they undergo their own constellation and/or engage in someone else´s. The whole group will reach the end of the workshop with new perspectives.

Other related problems will also be considered if there should be people who may need it. The work will also be effective even if only one member of the system attends the workshop.


Participation in the workshop will be 40€. For participants who wish to do their own Constellation, this will be 110€ (a total of 5 will be covered in the order in which their registrations are received). Those who register to do their own constellations will be allowed to bring along one companion at no additional cost.

Register by filling out the form below  Once your participation in the workshop has been booked, we shall contact you.


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