Saturday, October 21th from 9.30 to 18.30. ALICANTE 

At this moment in history, money has become one of our main foci of attention. It worries us not to have enough, it costs us to earn it and it distresses us to lose it; happiness, sadness, anger and fear are just some of the emotions it arouses in us. However, its main characteristic is its lack of real entity, since it is just a representation of something else and it is defined by its capacity to enable exchange. It reflects our attitude towards life and the way we interact with the world around us.

By observing the way we relate to money from a Systemic perspective, it is possible to see that money many times allows the expression of unconscious dynamics within families.

Constellations help us to reveal these unconscious dynamics and search for possible solutions which will allow for tranquility and fluency and will let money take up the right place, satisfying our need for balance, order and a sense of belonging.
Every one of the participants in the workshop will do profound and enriching work, be them those who are introduced to this methodology for the first time as well as those who carry out their own constellation or those who participate in someone else´s constellation. The whole group will gain new and enriching perspectives and, even though we will explain and deal with dynamics related to prosperity and money, we shall also work on family issues in general, especially with those who wish to discuss them.

Frequent money-related topics

• Fears or persistent and disharmonious anxieties in relation to money.
• Professional and vocational decision making: retirement plans, leaves of absence, inheritances, investments, etc.
• Labour difficulties and/or money management, the way in which money comes in and out of my life.
• Gambling problems and economically risky conducts.

Frequent family issues:

• Problematic issues with parents, brothers or other family members.
• Marital trouble or the inability to have a partner.
• Difficulties with children: relationships, studies, addictions, eating disorders
• Immigration issues, difficulty to adapt, intercultural conflict resolution, etc.


Participation in the workshop will be 40€. For participants who wish to do their own Constellation, this will be 110€ (a total of 5 will be covered in the order in which their registrations are received). Those who register to do their own constellations will be allowed to bring along two companions at no additional cost.

At the end of the workshop, those who wish to do so may arrange for a 30-minute telephone or Skype session in order to answer any doubts that may have arisen or pose specific queries.

Register by filling out the form below  Once your participation in the workshop has been booked, we shall contact you.

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