Saturday, April 6th from 9.30 to 15.30. ALICANTE 

Constellations are therapeutic interventions with which to approach situations that need to be resolved as one of the elements within a larger system, thus achieving the desired changes and different paths towards a solution.

More specifically, the hidden dynamics which keep us in difficulty are unveiled so that ways to a solution may be experienced. Certain notions will be better understood, such as those of the “order” and “place” within the systems in which we participate, the possible “excluded” ones from the system, pending needs of recognition, repeated patterns of behaviour which cause discomfort, troubled destinies which may be repeating themselves across different generations.

In the course of the workshop, we will cover the principles that support the systemic approach and all the participants will do profound and enriching work, regardless of whether they experience the method for the first time, they carry out their own constellation and/or participate someone else´s constellation. The whole group will reach the end of the workshop with new perspectives to view life.

This sort of work is effective, even if only one member of a family or organizational system attends.

The usual  topics include:

• problematic issues with parents, brothers or other family members.
• marital trouble or the inability to start a relationship
• difficulties with children: relationships, studies, addictions, eating disorders, etc.
• adoptions. Troubled or destructive behaviour.
• psychological or somatic diseases. Grief and bereavement.
• immigration issues, adaption difficulties, intercultural conflict resolution, etc.
• labour difficulties and/or money management issues.
• clarification of conflicts or alternatives to face possible organizational crossroads.
• unblocking vocational situations and/or possible changes.


Participation in the workshop is free. For participants who wish to do their own Constellation, this will be 110€ (a total of 5 will be covered in the order in which their registrations are received).

At the end of the workshop, those who wish to do so may arrange for a 30-minute telephone or Skype session in order to answer any doubts that may have arisen or pose specific queries.

Register by filling out the form below  Once your participation in the workshop has been booked, we shall contact you.

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