Action Inquiry and Global Leadership Profile

For the first and only time in Spain that Bill Torbert is facilitating this training in leadership; because he is willing to travel less and write more from his home in USA.

A 3 day workshop for business leaders, consultants, coaches, researchers and sustainability practitioners who wish to further teir personal development and learn about the power and practice Collaborative Development Action Inquiry – the only approach statistically confirmed as reliably generation both personal and organizational transformation.

All Workshop participants take the Global Leadership Profile (GLP) and receive feedback on their center- of-gravity, emergent and fallback leadership action-logics. Those who wish can become authorized to use and debrief the GLP with their clients.

Offered by Bill Torbert, Verónica Menduiña and Pablo Tovar is the only program that comprehensively blends the what, why and how of transformational leadership development, including:

  1. the theory of Collaborative Development Action Inquiry (CDAI)
  2. the assessment of leaders’ predominant action-logics (either using the GLP or in-action diagnoses), and
  3. the ongoing practice of Action Inquiry at the personal, team, and organizational scales

“While we can’t predict the future, we can transform ourselves and our organizations to effectively meet it” – Bill Torbert

The worshop experience

At our workshops you will never be passively hearing somebody telling you how to do it right. Rather you will be exercising active listening and leadership, moving among peers in a community of inquiry, receiving direct feedback about your leadership impact, thereby learning together practical ways to help yourself and others:

  • Assess current leadership action logics-the center-of-gravity emergent and fallback perspective that guide action and influence results
  • Become concious of and shift action/ mental/ emotional habits that are limiting effectiveness
  • Exercise personal power with greater flexibility and mutuality to generate personal and organizatinal transformation
  • Develop collaborative practices that increase mindful, relational, and cultural intelligence in the wider organization
  • Build capacity to lead from the inside out, confidently responding to the deepest call us for human nature and other natural world that old us


Bill Torbert – Now principal of Action Inquiry Associates and Leadership Professor Emeritus at Boston College. Bill was formerly an award-winning teacher and scholar at Yale, Harvard, and Southern Methodist University. He is also an internationally renowned consultant, and author of many books, including Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership, as well as Seven Transformations of Leadership, selected as one of the top ten Harvard Business Review leadership articles of all time.

Verónica Menduiña – Family therapist since 1999, and coach and business consultant on leadership development and organisational transformation since 2006. She has a wide expertise in dealing with organisational, family and personal conflicts from a systemic approach. As a senior trainer member of the Bert Hellinger Spanish Association, she teaches the Systemic Constellation method. She has published some articles in “The Knowing Field”, an International magazine concerning the Systemic Constellation Work. As en expert in leadership development and organisational transformation she has been certified in the Developmental approach with Bill Torbert and Robert Kegan. She works closely with Bill Torbert being the representative in Spanish of the Action Inquiry Associates LLC and GLPT.

Pablo Tovar – Executive coach, speaker and expert in leadership development and organisational transformation. Managing Partner in AddVenture and Senior Fellow in Oxford Leadership Academy. With 25+ experience in People Management he has recently been involved in projects of leadership development and organisational transformation in companies like BASF, Ferrovial, Inditex, Novartis, Repsol, Sanofi, Santander, Telefónica… He holds a degree in Psychology, a Master degree in HR Management and has fully completed several business administration and leadership development programmes at IESE, ESADE and Harvard University.

5, 6 and 7 september 2016, Alicante, Spain


11:00 – 19:00 Monday 5th September 2016; 9:00 – 18:00 Tuesday 6th September 2016;

9:00 – 17:00 Wednesday 7th September 2016

PLACE: Venue Residencia Salesina

Calle Bernat Metge, 8, El Campello, 03560, Alicante, España.

Investment: 2.500€ +VAT (early bird offer if paid before 31stMay 2016 2.250€ + VAT). Lodging and meals are included. It is also included in the workshop price is the GLP which will need to be completed before the 25th July 2016. Please, let us know if you need accommodation for more nights.

Pre-requisite to workshop Read Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership by Bill Torbert and Associates prior to workshop.

Workshop limited to 20 participants

To register: (+34) 665360663

To enroll or to obtain more information, please contact us.