Action Inquiry – Advanced Practitioner Programme


For the first time, we’re delighted to offer a 3-phase workshop for certified debriefers of the GLP and other sentence completion instruments. The Advanced Practitioner Programme addresses the “what next” questions of the first workshop towards developing a wider community of practice and inquiry.

The programme will accelerate your understanding and practice of the GLP and Action Inquiry at individual and group levels. Case studies, peer reviews and hands-on-practice will enable practitioners to take this work to a new level of understanding.

You will engage in a deep dive into the theoretical and practical elements of developmental action-logics. It is therefore essential that you are actively engaged with this work; debriefing, discussing and integrating developmental action-logics into your coaching, consulting or leadership practice.

3-Phase Programme

Phase 1: Pre-work. Where we lay the groundwork for the 3-day workshop. You will be invited to collate both personal and client experience of the GLP and Action Inquiry leading up to the workshop and explore the ways in which you work with the CDAI and the GLP, and develop a group perspective to share when we all meet.

Phase 1: An intensive delve into profiling, taking your understanding of action-logics to a new level. You will learn to discern patterns within a person’s reasoning and identify octaves within action-logics.
Together, the group will explore coaching practices for supporting shifts across action-logics, focusing on the accelerators. We’ll look at how to Introduce developmental Action Inquiry into organisations, learning from experiences of success and disappointment. Seeing the GLP and Action Inquiry through a socio-political lens: wider global issues and dilemmas facing us for which the GLP offers insights and paths – this will feature the guest appearance of Bill Torbert across the virtual network.

Phase 1: Action Inquiry Learning. Developing an exercise over 6 months in Action Inquiry learning, culminating in the sharing of the exercise you have worked on, to complete advanced certification.

Facilitation Team

Elaine Herdman-Barker – Director and co-creator of the Global Leadership Pro le, leading authority on assessing and supporting change in leadership action-logics. Elaine is a Lecturer at DeBaak Management Centrum in the Netherlands and leads the Action Inquiry and Certification Workshops as well as Leadership Master classes across Europe, North Africa, and America. She consults across multiple sectors, with a worldwide coaching practice, specializing in the development of high potential leaders and senior executives.

Verónica Menduiña Family therapist since 1999, and coach and business consultant on leadership  development and organisational transformation since 2006. She has a wide expertise in dealing with organisational, family and personal conflicts from a systemic approach. As a senior trainer member of the Bert Hellinger Spanish Association, she teaches the Systemic Constellation method. She has published some articles in “The Knowing Field”, an international magazine concerning the Systemic Constellation Work. As an expert in leadership development and organisational transformation she has been certified in the Developmental approach with Bill Torbert and Robert Kegan. She works closely with Bill Torbert being the representative in Spanish of the Action Inquiry Associates LLC and GLP.

Bill Torbert – Now principal of Action Inquiry Associates and Leadership Professor Emeritus at Boston College, Bill was formerly an award-winning teacher and scholar at Yale, Harvard, and Southern Methodist University. He is also an internationally renowned consultant and author of many books, including Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership, as well as Seven Transformations of Leadership, selected as one of the top ten Harvard Business Review leadership articles of all time.

Practical Details

8, 9 y 10 November, 2018

Alicante, Spain

Thursday 8th:            11:00 – 19:00

Friday 9th:                   9: 00– 19:00

Saturday 10th:            9:00 – 17:00

Venue: Residencia Salesiana, Calle Bernat Metge, 8, El Campello, 03560, Alicante

Investment: 2.800€ for corporate clients. 2.300€ for independent coaches, consultants and faculty members. Fee reduced 300€ if you commit prior to September 25th, 2018. Accomodation and meals are included. Workshop limited to 21 participants. It will be in English with translation to Spanish if necessary.

Pre-requisite to workshop: Have the pre-work done, phase 1.

For more information on Advanced Practitioner programmes, please contact Verónica Menduiña at or (+34) 665360663.

If you are certified in another sentence completion instrument, please contact us to discuss entry requirements.